WR Tweets HIV Results: STD Free and Proud of It


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WR tweets HIV results to the world, and everyone wonders why, exactly, someone would want to share that sort of personal information with their followers. Unless someone in your friends list is a potential partner somewhere down the line, I think most of them could have lived their entire lives knowing that you don't have HIV or hepatitis. In my opinion, anyway.

No matter. WR David Clowney -- who currently plays for the Buffalo Bills --feared that he may have contracted the virus, so, like any concerned individual, he decided to have some blood work done. Elated with the results, he took a picture of the official paperwork and shared it on the micro-blogging website.

Not surprisingly, it didn't take very long for people to start making fun of WR's decision to tweet this personal information, which understandably upset him and his fans. However, while it is admirable that Clowney decided to step up and make sure that his body was still in tip-top shape, choosing to inform complete strangers about this sort of thing is a little bizarre. Then again, maybe this is just a sign of the times.

At any rate, WR David Clowney is free of STDs, so if you're interested in hooking up, apparently you'll walk away from the encounter without any nasty surprises. Rest assured that, should he test positive for something the next time around, he's going to tell everyone about it. In other words, don't be overwhelmingly surprised if you find yourself name-checked on the wide receiver's Twitter page. You have been warned.