Would You Buy A T-Shirt That's Also A Programmable Computer?

IT Management

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I absolutely love those digital t-shirts that stores like ThinkGeek sell. It's awesome to see a shirt lighting up to display messages or play music. Unfortunately, we have no control over what the t-shirt displays or does. If a certain project from the geniuses at Ballentines have their way, we will have that control and then some.

Say hello to tshirtOS. It's a shirt that's fully programmable with an iOS app. That means that the user can essentially do anything with the shirt from displaying tweets to playing playing a song while displaying the album cover. Check out the promo video and just try to contain your excitement:

If you love technology as much as I do, the demo should have you saying, "Shut up and take my money." Unfortunately, that's not the case at the moment. As the team said, they need more people to express interest before they can start producing these things in mass quantities.

If it's successful, this could be the next big step in expression via technology. Ever since MySpace hit the scene, we were in love with expressing our digital selves through music, photos and art. That need for expression was only intensified with Facebook and Twitter. Moving that expression to the real world via a t-shirt seems like a no-brainer, but it's amazing that it's taken us this long to realize the potential.

If you want to get the ball rolling on tshirtOS, check out their Web site. With your help, we can make my dream of rotating offensive memes on a t-shirt a reality.