World Cup 2014 Is the Most Popular Event in Facebook History

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If you've spent any time on social media over the past couple of weeks, you've likely been inundated with posts about the World Cup. We know that it's making an unprecedented impact on online conversation – breaking social media and streaming records in the process.

In the first week of the World Cup, Facebook saw more related interactions than they did with this year’s Super Bowl, Oscars, and the Sochi Olympics – combined. Now, Facebook says that with over a billion total interactions, The 2014 World Cup is the most talked-about event in the history of Facebook. Not just sporting event, but just plain event. Sure, the World Cup takes place over several weeks, but this is pretty fascinating nonetheless.

"Engagement on Facebook around the knockout matches over the weekend pushed the overall interactions number over the 1 billion mark. Facebook generally sees a large amount of conversation around sporting events, but the World Cup has proven to be a unique moment. Facebook’s data editors have never measured an event — sports or otherwise — that has topped a billion interactions," says Facebook's data team.

So, next time you post a status about that amazing goal or bullshit flop, know that you're participating in one of the biggest, ongoing online conversations in history.

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