Tips When Your Employees Are Working From Their Mobiles

When many of your staff is working from mobiles, here are some tips to keep on top of things and productivity....
Tips When Your Employees Are Working From Their Mobiles
Written by Brian Wallace
  • When your employees are working from their mobile phones, it can be more difficult to keep them productive and secure your business’s privacy. If you are worried that mobile phone usage will sap your employee’s efficiency and that you will lose control of your company’s operations, here are some tips you can follow when your employees have started to work off their mobiles. 

    1. Invest in Work Mobiles

    Rather than allow your employees to complete their work tasks from any old device, you should consider investing in special work mobiles for them. This will enable them to keep their work documents and communications on one device. This can prevent distractions while ensuring that your business’s data and information goes no further. 

    When you are looking for a reliable work mobile for your staff, you should find one that is smart, offers a great range of compatible software applications, and is durable so that it can withstand the challenges of everyday life. You may also discover that providing a mobile phone for your employees boosts their morale and allows them to maintain an improved work-life balance. 

    1. Look at SASE Security Solutions 

    If your team is increasingly scattered between remote and mobile work, you need to take measures to improve the security of your business from afar. You can do this by investing in SASE security solutions. These solutions will allow you to stop worrying that the majority of your IT infrastructure is not within a single physical office. This is because they can move your security solutions to your network edge and ensure that they are well-integrated. This will help your team enjoy an excellent user experience when accessing your network remotely and enable them to use all your business apps without any faults. This means that you should look around for an SASE solution that can suit you. 

    1. Limit Their Usage 

    Although you might be happy for your employees to work in any way that suits them, you might be concerned that the use of mobile devices in your workplace or from home could lead to data breaches and leaks, especially if your employees decide to forward content or take photographs of sensitive information. 

    By allowing your employees to use their mobiles, you might find that you do not know where your information is going or who can see it. In this case, you should limit where your employees can use their mobiles around your workplace, and you might also restrict how much they can access these phones to check that they do not have a negative impact on your company. 

    1. Communicate With Your Employees

    As well as looking after their health, when your employees are working from their mobiles, you also need to find ways to stay in communication with them. You can do this by downloading a great mobile communication app that has been designed with commercial ventures in mind. These could help you instant message or video call your employees whenever you need to, ensuring that you can check in with them regularly. 

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