Words With Friends On Facebook Is Now A Reality

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Well, it looks like the war between Facebook and Google+ is officially over. Scrabble spinoff and cocaine-like word game Words With Friends will now be playable on the web via Facebook. Sorry, Google+, you tried.

In all seriousness, a web-based WWF game is huge news to everyone out there who doesn't own an iOS or Android device. They will now be able to play the immensely popular and highly addictive game with any of their Facebook friends.

And for those of us who already enjoy WWF, each of our games will be portable between Facebook and our mobile devices. This will ensure that there are very few places where one cannot play their turn. I'm looking at you, slow players - you now have a much weaker excuse.

Word With Friends was made by Texas-based mobile game developers Newtoy. In December of 2010 Newtoy was acquired by Zynga, which put Words With Friends and the less-popular Chess With Friends into the FarmVille family.

They have just recently released "Hanging With Friends," an interesting little game based on the classic game Hangman. The launch of that game has been marred by some technical problems, and functionality issues like app crashes. While not as instantly addictive as Words With Friends, Hanging is a very fun mobile game with potential.

Fun new features that the Facebook version of the game will bring to the table Google+Reader">include a "brag feed" where you can talk smack on your friends' walls after you play a 150-point word on them. Another feature will be the ability to notify friends that it is their turn via Facebook.

If the shot above is any indication, people seem excited by this news. In less than 30 minutes after announcing it on their Facebook page, the post has amassed over 3,100 likes and over 300 comments.

The Words With Friends Facebook page has over 1.5 million likes and over 4 million iOS and Android mobile players have connected using the Facebook app already. Are you excited? Will this kill your productivity even more than the mobile app does? Let us know what you think.

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