WordPress Announces REST API For App Creation

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WordPress is one of the more popular, if not most popular, blogging tools out there. Like anything popular, people want to make applications with it which require an API. WordPress is making that bit easier for you with the announcement of a new API.

WordPress announced today on their blog the release of their new WordPress REST API. It promises to let users create content using all the sites on the WordPress.com network as well as Jetpack-enabled sites in the near future.

What does the new API give developers access to? You can access posts and comments, and follow, like and reblog content for users. As for other features, you can also access the sites's Freshly Pressed content through the API.

One of the first apps to use the REST API is the WordPress app for Windows 8. You can check it out here. It looks really nice as most Windows 8 apps usually do.

WordPress Announces REST API For App Creation

To make using and adding data on WordPress easier, the API uses OAuth2 protocol to authenticate requests for data. Public data can be accessed, however, through unauthenticated requests. You will need to use authenticated requests when making new posts or comments. It also uses a standardized JSON object when returning data.

The really nice news is that the REST API self-documents itself. The Developer Resources Blog will automatically update whenever the WordPress team adds new endpoints. In more nice news, it also includes a console inside the browser for running queries and seeing data in real time.

The API is available now for your development needs. You can even sign up for OAuth2 tokens without having to wait through an approval cycle. So why wait, get cracking on some cool new WordPress applications.

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