Wonder Woman Costume Revives Eternal Sexism Debate

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Wonder Woman is a highly-anticipated feature in the new Batman Vs. Superman, and for good reason.

The new Wonder Woman is played by lovely Isreali actress Gal Gadot, and if the trailer speaks to her appearance in the movie, she is sure to impress.

Over the weekend at Comic-con, Gal Gadot described the moment she came face-to-face with the new Wonder Woman suit.

She said, “Three days after I got cast for the movie, they flew me to Michigan, and I got into this huge room filled with images of me as Wonder Woman.”

She added, “We got into another room and I saw the costume for the first time. And we had a fitting, and it was an out-of-body experience — there I was, little Gal from Israel becoming Wonder Woman. I think it really represents the Wonder Woman of today, I’m very grateful to be the one who is going to bring her to life.”

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What an amazing story! However, it is that very costume, as well as the various depictions of Wonder Woman through out comic history, that has re-stirred the debate about the over-sexualization of Wonder Woman.

Specifically, those high-heel boots.

Some think that perhaps the boots, since they're not practical at all for fighting crime, are simply part of the man-geared sexual image of Wonder Woman.

What do you think about the boots? Symbol of oppression or are the boots lodged too deeply in super hero culture at this point to be replaced?

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