Women Would Miss Social Media More Than Men

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By now it's no secret that, despite having virtually no presence among the leaders of tech companies, it's the womenfolk who make up the majority of internet users these days. BT, a UK-based provider of IT services, took a survey of British internet users to see what the behavioral differences are among men and women who use social media. Unsurprisingly, the percentage of women dwarfs the percentage of men using social networks like Facebook or Twitter.

While women use social media more and would actually miss it more than men, men are more than twice as likely to share photos or videos of themselves on social media. In other words, while women might be getting comfortable with social media and find it as a great way to communicate with people, it seems like many of them, if not most of them, acutely remember how quickly their culture will objectify them or degrade them based solely on their appearance. In all, though, relatively few men and women said they regularly use photo and video sharing sites, 13% to 6%, respectively, suggesting that people in general are a little wary to share too much visual information with the pickled-brains and the bucketheads lurking around out there on the internet.

Women are also more patient shoppers than men when it comes to online commerce. 19% of women said they use the internet to find the best deals for an item, whereas 15% of men admitted to doing this. Honestly, I don't see why these numbers aren't higher for both sexes. I was at a discount bookstore yesterday and couldn't so much as bring myself to purchase a $6 paperback book without first sitting down and checking two different sites to see how much I could get it online. Social media and the web in general have fundamentally altered the way shopping is done in this world so it's hard to really imagine that there is still a vast amount of people who don't bargain shop with every purchase.

See more marvels and wonders in the infographic below that BT put together.

BT Infinity broadband study: we reveal the social media gender divide

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