Women Beat "Rape Politician" After Alleged Assault

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A group of women in India--the state of Assam--took justice into their own hands when they learned a local politician had been accused of rape, stripping and beating him in public before the police took him away for an investigation.

Congressman Bikram Singh Brahma was accused of sexually assaulting a woman while staying at her family's home earlier this week; the rape was reported by her husband.

“He was staying at their house, and under what circumstances will be the subject matter of the investigation,” said G.P. Singh, the inspector general of police.

With so much unrest in the country right now after the gang-rape and murder of a young Delhi woman earlier this month, the pressure for government officials to crack down on accused sexual criminals is at an all-time high. The women who caught Brahma were joined by men who beat the politician with a stick and kicked him before police intervened. They say they have him in custody but have not made an arrest yet as they work to investigate the accusations.

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