Women Are Less Cynical About Valentine's Day On Twitter

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If you're feeling listless about Valentine's Day, you're likely to find some agreeable company on Twitter as most men and women on the site don't really care all that much for the holiday, either. Granted, you're more likely to encounter women than men who're talking positively about Valentine's Day, but either way: 68% of men and 68% of women couldn't care either way about it.

Women are talking about Valentine's Day twice as much as men are, but over two-thirds of them have expressed neutral feelings about cupid. I guess that's good news for languid dudes trolling Twitter for some I-could-care-less ladies because the eligibility pool would be deep on that end. But, actually - scratch that. Don't try to pick up people on Twitter for a Valentine's date. Cupid isn't interested in helping you, anyways.

Among the women talking about Valentine's Day on Twitter, 36% of them are posting about how they don't have a date. While it might be tempting to impose Leave It To Beaver-era gender expectations on that statistic, the NM Incite study that compiled this data doesn't qualify those tweets as positive or negative. Who knows, that 36% may be exclaiming their relief that they don't have a date this year and don't have to worry themselves with the rigmarole inherent in Valentine's Day activities. Additionally, 32% of women realize Valentine's Day is coming but, once again, the sample isn't qualified as expressing that sentiment with a negative or positive affect.

True, the first graph above indicates that women talk positively about Valentine's Day twice as much as men do on Twitter. In fact, women seem to be the majority of people talking about the holiday in general. Instead of portraying women as "more excited" about the holiday, I'm going to infer that women are simply less cynical about the holiday than men are.