Woman Wins $40M, Not $40K From Canadian Lotto


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A Canadian woman this week was overwhelmed this week after learning she had won money in the Ontario lottery.

According to a report from Chicago's ABC 7, 51-year-old Maria Carreiro of Toronto had originally thought she had won only $40,000. When her daughter informed her that she had, in fact, won $40,000,000 she "ran down the street like a crazy woman."

Though $40,000 is quite a windfall, $40 million is a life-changing amount of money. While accepting her gigantic cardboard check this week, Carreiro danced a jig for the cameras and began singing thanks to her god. The woman related to onlookers that she will be going to Hawaii, as she has never gotten a honeymoon in her 30 years of marriage.

Carreiro reportedly played the same lottery numbers, based on her children's birthdays, for 20 years. On this occasion, though, she had taken a "quik-pick" ticket.