Woman Tased After Trying to Buy Too Many iPhones

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If you are doing your xmas shopping in Nashua, Hew Hampshire this year, you should know that their Apple Store is probably not going to sell you more than two iPhones, no matter how hard you plead. In fact, they'll probably just call the cops and you'll wind up getting tased.

At least that's what happened to Xiaojie Li. After being escorted out of an Apple Store in in the second-largest city in the state, police used force to subdue her after they claim she resisted arrest.

According to WCVB, this whole incident centered around Li's desire to purchase multiple iPhones for her family back in China. When we say "multiple," we mean a lot. Li was reportedly carrying $16,000 in cash at the time of her arrest.

It all started when Li purchased two iPhones last Friday, which happens to be the store maximum. She apparently confronted the store manager with video she had taken that supposedly showed other customers being allowed to purchase more than two iPhones. She was asked to leave the store.

A few days later, Li returned to pick up more iPhones that she has ordered online. When she refused to leave the store, authorities were notified.

Li and her daughter are blaming the whole thing on a language barrier, as Li only speaks Chinese and says she couldn't understand anything the Apple Store employees or the police were talking about. She's been charged with two misdemeanors as a result of the incident.

iPhone limits? Tasings? Possible excessive user of force by local police? It's shaping up to be a banner holiday season already, folks.

Josh Wolford
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