Alabama Fan Shooting: Woman Shot to Death After Alabama Loses to Auburn

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An Iron Bowl party in Hoover turned deadly after a woman brandished a gun and shot a fellow Alabama fan to death because she wasn't taking the loss seriously enough. Adrian Briskey, 28, was arrested on Saturday after killing Michelle Shepherd, 36. Shepherd was a single mom to three children ages 8, 6 and 4. Briskey is currently out on bail.

Briskey and Shepherd were at an Iron Bowl party over the weekend when Briskey became enraged after hearing Shepherd joke around with her sister about Alabama's last-second loss to Auburn. As you likely remember, Auburn's Chris Davis caught an Alabama missed field goal and returned it for a 109-yard touchdown for the win. The loss killed then #1 Alabama's chances to play in the SEC Championship Game as well as the BCS Championship Game.

Police are investigating the situation and say they aren't sure how much of a factor alcohol and the Bama game played into the shooting. Shepherd's sister, Nekesa Shepherd, says the game and alcohol absolutely played a factor into Briskey's actions. According to Nekesa, she witnessed Briskey taking multiple shots of liquor after the Alabama loss. After the two sisters made a joke and said that the Bama loss wasn't as bad as the Miami Heat losing a game, Nekesa says that Briskey then flew into a rage.

"She said we weren't real Alabama fans because it didn't bother us that they lost," Nekesa said.

Reports say that the argument between Briskey and Shepherd was eventually taken to the parking lot of the apartment complex where the Iron Bowl party was held. It was there that Briskey brandished a gun. "And then she started shooting," Nekesa said. "It was over a football game. I'm never going to forget it because she died in my arms."

Briskey has since been released from jail after posting a $75,000 bond.

This isn't the first time a rivalry party has turned violent, although it's usually a result of fans of opposing teams getting into it. Just earlier this month, a man was arrested after using a stun-gun on his wife following the Chicago Bears-Green Bay Packers game.

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