Woman Makes Fake Facebook Profile for Ex, Calls Him Wayne Syphilis, Gets Arrested

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Here's one way to get back at your ex - create a Facebook page in their name and make it seem like they totally love little boys and incest.

Or, maybe you should just buy a bottle of wine and chill out. The latter won't get you arrested.

A 24-year-old Totowa, New Jersey woman has been arrested and charged with impersonation and harassment after she created a fake Facebook profile in her ex-boyfriend's name. Well, kind of his name. The fake profile used real pictures, but the name was listed as "Wayne Syphilis."

As you may expect, the posts coming from Wayne Syphilis' account suggested that he suffered from multiple sexually transmitted diseases. Some posts also suggested that he loved to have sex with young boys and family members, according to police.

Unfortunately for all of us, the profile has been deleted.

Police became involved in the case when Wayne reported the page, claiming that he was pretty confident that he knew who was behind it. Police subpoenaed the ISP for the IP address, and traced the fake Facebook page of Wayne Syphilis back to the jilted woman.

According to police, the Facebook page wasn't the only form of harassment that the 24-year-old (name withheld because it's technically a domestic violence case) was guilty of. Apparently, she's been making phone calls to Wayne's sister.

No word on whether or not Wayne actually has Syphilis, and what that information will do to his reputation. From our perspective, Wayne Syphilis isn't a moniker you really want to be associated with - true or not. Sorry, bro.


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