Woman Evicted From Marriot After 9 Years

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A woman who has been holed up in a Racine, Wisconsin Marriot hotel for nine years, left peacefully on Thursday before a sheriff could enforce the eviction order.

Jana Ganjian, 64, left the Racine Marriott on her own accord, Sheriff Christopher Schmaling told ABC.

Ganjian, 64, who is $28,000 behind in her bill, moved into the hotel after her life was turned upside down in 2004 after a forclosure on her home and a diagnosis with a lupus-type disease. She has reportedly spent over $300,000 at the Marriot, and her savings is totally tapped out.

She said that she has seriously neglected her health the last few weeks, because she was afraid that if she left her room, the staff would lock her out.

"I don't know where she ended up going, but she left before we had to evict her," Sheriff Schmaling said. Prior to Ganjian leaving, hotel staff had been working with her to help her find another place to live.

Her lawyer, Joseph Seifert says that he is working to get her approved for housing, but until then, he doesn't know where she will stay. He said he had tried to file a motion with a judge earlier this week to remain at the hotel, but the judge didn't get to it on time, prompting the eviction notice to take effect on Thursday.

At $169 per night listed rate, it's easy to see how Ganjian could rack up a huge delinquent bill of over $28,000. "It's a cliché, I know," Ganjian told ABC. "But it feels like a nightmare to me that I can't wake from."

How does a hotel let a bill get this far behind? I don't know about you, but most of the hotels I've stayed at aren't nearly this gracious. Perhaps Marriot harbored a soft spot for a woman going through difficult times? When asked, Jeff Flaherty, senior director of corporate relations of Marriott International Inc. responded, "As a matter of guest privacy we don't discuss details of our guests' stay." Perhaps that will remain a mystery.

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