Woman Burns Dog Alive, Brags About It on Facebook

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[WARNING: Graphic images of animal abuse below]

In what the St. Louis, Missouri Animal Cruelty Task Force is calling one of the most notorious animal cruelty cases in its history, a woman has been charged with felony animal abuse and "knowingly burning" after she allegedly chained a dog up, set it on fire, and bragged about it on Facebook.

The incident occurred a couple of weeks ago when terrible human being Adrienne Martin tied her sister's dog Brownie to a "short, heavy chain" and proceeded to light its face and body on fire. The Stray Rescue organization in St. Louis rescued to dog on July 10th, but the injuries were too severe and Brownie eventually succumbed to them.

“This is one of the most disturbing abuse cases I have ever dealt with,” said Founder of Stray Rescue Randy Grim. “It has stricken our community to the core of our hearts, but I am inspired by how swiftly we have been able to respond to these awful cases. Brownie deserves justice.”

Here are the Facebook posts that help lead police in Martin's direction. They were posted publicly and are still visible today:


She later posted:

MF's is killing me about this stupid dog ....keep it real...you didn't take care nor like or love the MF...on the TV str8 lies ...?#?laughingeveryday?....stop bitch..

After initially denying her involvement in the dog's death, terrible human being Adrienne Martin eventually confessed, according to a probable cause statement just filed by the Circuit Attorney's Office.

“We see a ton of abuse cases, far too many, but the way in which Brownie suffered really struck a nerve with everyone,” said Grim. “Our community is sick and tired of these horrific crimes, and animal abusers everywhere need to know their crimes won’t be tolerated and you will be arrested.”



Martin claimed that the dog had bit her son the day before, a bite that forced him to seek medical attention.

A few days ago, terrible human being Adrienne Martin posted on Facebook that she was "feeling sensitive today" and had the "jailhouseblues.com." I'm sure there are plenty of people out there who wouldn't be too upset to see her rot in jail and gain a little more sensitivity. Or maybe a goddamned heart.

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