Wolfram Finance Platform Brings Mathematica to Finance


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Wolfram Research has just released a computational finance tool it calls the Wolfram Finance Platform. The platform will bring the computational power of Wolfram's Mathematica software and apply it to finance to deliver greater computational integrity, automated workflows, faster speeds, and more accuracy.

"As algorithmic agility comes center stage in finance, platform integration and automation become crucial for competitiveness," said Conrad Wolfram, CEO of Wolfram Research in Europe. "Finance tools often are outmoded compared with modern, smart computation in other fields. That's a key facet of what Wolfram Finance Platform fixes—injecting the smartest algorithmic tools into finance workflows."

Finance Platform is actually a suite of solutions that combines computation, data analysis, visualization, and reporting. The Bloomberg feed link feature of the software allows real-time trading data to be fed directly into computations or visualizations.

"New integrated capabilities, including CUDA-accelerated pricing calculations, and data feeds, such as Bloomberg and interactive reporting tools, are all just the start of our increased focus on finance," said Samuel Chen, Product Manager for Wolfram Finance Platform. "But as well as new technology, we are rolling out a new package of professional services, including bespoke onsite training, consultancy, and 24-hour support."

Jon McLoone, Wolfram's director of business development, announced the product launch in a blog post on the Wolfram Blog. There, he describes how the Finance Platform project came about. From the blog post:

As part of this, I spent some time interviewing finance customers in the city of London about what they liked and didn’t like about Mathematica, what they wanted, and why some of their colleagues didn’t use it.

It turned out to be an exercise in staying open-minded and listening—because while we are naturally most excited about all the great computation that we provide (including “finance” functionality), time and again the issues that mattered were the less glamorous workflow improvements.

The Wolfram Finance Platform is now available over at the Wolfram website. The price of the package scales with the level of implementation needed, and Wolfram is prepared to provide quotes for both small teams and large companies.