Wolfram Alpha Shows You A Whole Lot Of Personalized Facebook Data

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Wolfram Alpha announced the launch of a pretty cool new personal Facebook analytics tool. All you have to do is type "facebook report" into Wolfram Alpha. Just click the button that says "Analyze my Facebook data," allow it to access your data, and bam. Tons of personalized data about your Facebook universe.

At least that's how it's supposed to work. For me, it's just timing out. Perhaps too many people are trying to do it at the moment.

From there, Wolfram will give you your birthday, age (to the day), and your next birthday (how many months and days you have to go until your next one), your friends hometowns broken down by geography, your friends' age distribution, the weather at your birth, zodiac signs, and all kinds of stuff.

"When you type “'facebook report', Wolfram|Alpha generates a pretty seriously long report—almost a small book about you, with more than a dozen major chapters, broken into more than 60 sections, with all sorts of drill-downs, alternate views, etc.," says Wolfram Alpha creator Stephen Wolfram.

Wolfram Facebook Analytics

It shows you your numbers for posted links, uploaded photos, status, uploadd videos, the weekly distribution of all of these updates, when your most active days and times are, your most liked post, a word cloud made from your posts, various analysis of check-ins, photos, responses to posts, gender distribution among your friends, distribution of your friends' relationship statuses, how common specific names are among your friends, etc. Really, just a ridiculous amount of data.

"Of course most people haven’t been doing the kind of data collecting that I’ve been doing for the past couple of decades," says Wolfram. "But these days a lot of people do have a rich source of data about themselves: their Facebook histories."

This, perhaps even more than Facebook's Timeline itself, really illustrates just how true that is.

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