Wolfram Alpha Hints 'Biggest Change Ever' Coming To Site


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If you've ever needing to do some quick math and didn't have a calculator handy, Wolfram Alpha was there. If you ever need to know about Na22 isotope in a hurry, Wolfram Alpha was there. If your dire need to know how the population of Bolivia compares to the population of New York State, Wolfram Alpha was there. In other words, it's a superb answer-engine site that actually gives you real tangible datasets.

The Wolfram Alpha team typically updates the site every week in order to produce better functionality, and when you're a site that people depend on for statistical data and differential equations such updates are expected. Late yesterday afternoon, though, the Wolfram Alpha team teased at something bigger on the horizon:

A big change is coming soon to Wolfram|Alpha, including some dramatic functionality enhancements! Learn more: http://t.co/ax5f8FZJ 15 hours ago via web · powered by @socialditto

In the accompanying blog post, the Wolfram Alpha team was mum about any details but it's enough to create intrigue about what could be coming down the pipes. All they teased was that the change will be a "dramatic enhancement of functionality" and that you'll be able to "personalize your interaction" with the site.

The post assures users that, although these changes are going to be huge, it won't change any of the ways in which people use Wolfram Alpha. Any Wolfram users out there got any ideas about what kind of changes could be in store for the website? Maybe applications that can be applied against previous search results? Anybody? Pipe in below with your comments.