Wolf Blitzer Tells Tornado Survivor To Thank The Lord, Finds Out She's An Atheist


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Anybody would be thankful to survive the massive tornado that recently wrecked areas of Oklahoma. The person, or deity, being thanked might be different though. CNN reporter Wolf Blitzer found that out the hard way as he was talking to survivors.

While on the scene of the destruction today, Wolf Blitzer began talking to a young woman about her experience. At one point he said, "I guess, you gotta thank the Lord, right?" The woman, no doubt finding herself in an awkward situation, responded that she was in fact an atheist. Even so, she says that she doesn't "blame anybody for thanking the Lord." In the end, they all had a good laugh about it.

After what she and thousands of others went through over the last few days, I don't blame them either.

[h/t: Raw Story]