With Real-Time Search Comes Real-Time Advertising

Real-time search engine OneRiot announced a new "real-time ad network" today. It's called RiotWise, ...
With Real-Time Search Comes Real-Time Advertising
Written by Chris Crum
  • Real-time search engine OneRiot announced a new "real-time ad network" today. It’s called RiotWise, and the company says its designed to help developers monetize their apps.

    "2009 witnessed an explosion of apps and services catering to users of the realtime web," says Tobias Peggs, GM of OneRiot. "RiotWise is the way to monetize those apps in 2010. Our ads make sense to buyers, make sense to users, and transparently deliver revenue to developers across the realtime web ecosystem."

    The following image illustrates how the Riotwise ads work:


    OneRiot says RiotWise proved "extremely effective" at monetizing mobile apps, desktop clients, social search engines, and other applications in the realtime web space in a now completed pilot phase. "RiotWise ads are contextually relevant in realtime, resulting in high Click Through Rates (CTR)," the company says. "Advertisers include a range of publishers such as entertainment sites, sports networks, and news organizations. Dynamically created ads link to quality content from these publishers that is highly related to a users’ realtime search term or a global trending topic."

    According to OneRiot, the ads have been performing at 3-4 times industry standard CTR for ads in real-time web apps, and delivering significant revenue to developers.

    Developers can customize the display of the ads to fit their particular application. "For example, partners such as Digsby (the wildly popular social messaging client) and ÜberTwitter (the #1 Twitter Client for BlackBerry) are showing ads directly in the realtime stream," explains OneRiot. "Other implementations include more traditional mobile banner placements or the familiar AdSense-style text block."

    OneRiot shares advertiser revenue with developers.

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