With 'Hundreds' of Paid Videos Uploaded, Vimeo Launches New On Demand Homepage

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Last month, Vimeo launched a full video on demand service that lets Vimeo PRO creators sell their work on the site. It's pay-to-view, with much freedom (and profits) given to the creators. Creators get to set the price for their work, and they take 90% of the profit.

Today, just over a month later, Vimeo is announcing that creators have uploaded hundreds of paid videos, and viewers have made "thousands" of purchases. Not too specific, but it looks like there's at least some significant buzz over Vimeo's newest project. With their VOD service off and running, Vimeo is now looking to make all the content easier to discover.

To that end, Vimeo has launched a redesigned On Demand homepage.

"Introducing: the new Vimeo On Demand home page, which puts the focus on the creative films and series distributed using the new platform. Looking for something to watch tonight? Boom. Check out “Vimeo Selects” for titles we find interesting, or browse the entire On Demand catalog by genre. You can even keep track of all your On Demand purchases in “My On Demand,” right on this page. Because it’s hard to remember them all when you’ve bought hundreds of them, right? RIGHT!?" says Vimeo's Blake Whitman.

The dive in paid videos began back in September of last year, when Vimeo introduced their Creator Services platform. The first service unveiled was the "tip jar," which allowed viewers to leave tips for video creators. Vimeo promises that there are more improvements left to be made to their new VOD platform.

Have you paid to stream anything using Vimeo yet?

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