Wireless EV Power Stations Are Coming to NYC Streets

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What if you could charge your electric vehicle by simply parking it on the side of a city street - no cords, no hassle.

That's the vision of HEVO Power, whose wireless EV charging technology is coming to a city near you in the future - but first it'll debut in New York City.

According to Wired, HEVO is planning on installing a couple of their power stations in New York's Washington Square Park as early as the beginning of next year.

The HEVO Power Stations will be installed on NYC streets - likely as faux manhole covers. EV drivers will be able to use an app to find a charging station, where they can roll up and park over. From there, the HEVO Power Station will wirelessly charge their car's battery while they take a stroll in the park, or drop off a delivery.

"HEVO will also offer an app, called HEVO Mobile, that provides users with key features like Map It! to find vacant spots; Park it! to guide you into the right location over a HEVO Power Station; Pay It! which provides users with wireless bill pay; Want It! for discounts and coupons offered by local vendors in the area; a Power meter, so you can visually check on your vehicle powering up; and data utilization which shows our users their battery percentage, balances and emission savings," says the company.

HEVO Power from HEVO Power on Vimeo.

The HEVO Power Stations will use a resonance charging system, as Wired explains:

Traditionally, inductive charging requires a primary coil to generate an electromagnetic field that is picked up by a second coil mounted underneath the EV to juice up the battery pack. But it’s not particularly efficient, with large amounts of energy dissipating through the coil. With a resonance-based system, both coils are connected with capacitors that resonate at a specific frequency. The energy losses are reduced and you can transmit more energy at a faster rate and further apart.

"The HEVO Power Station isn’t just for passenger and commuter fleets, it’s also tailored for commercial fleets, municipalities, and the military. It’s basically for anyone who’s looking to take advantage of the overarching benefits from switching to electric vehicles. Commercial fleets, for example, can benefit from HEVO Power Stations through range extension, lighter EV battery loads, and lower technology costs; HEVO Power Stations provides the peace-of-mind and reliability of opportunistic charging to electric vehicle owners who are discouraged by range anxiety, limited public charging locations, and higher associated vehicle costs," says HEVO Power.

One of the main challenges facing all types of EV and their market penetration is charging. It's a hassle. A project like this, carried out on a large scale, could help make people more comfortable going the electric route, because they would know their next charge is just a block or two away.

Images via HEVO Power

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