Wire Fox Terrier Wins At Westminster: Meet Sky

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The Westminster Kennel Club has a new winner, a Wire Fox Terrier named Sky. Sky won the best in show on February 11 and became the 14th Wire Fox Terrier to win the award in 138 years of the show. Sky moved up the ranks at other shows before winning the coveted award and displays all of the characteristic and traits that the breed should have.

Sky has a very good track record and this made her 129th best in show ribbon overall. She has also won at the National Dog Show and the AKC Eukanuba event. Sky is a favorite in the ring and according to her handler, is perfect and knows exactly what she needs to do at a show.

"Her personality is she loves to kiss people and she connects with everybody," trainer Rangel said.

If you think winning the Westminster Dog Show means Sky will get to catch a break now, you are wrong. The little dog has a full schedule of appearances ahead of her. She made appearances on several news television shows Wednesday morning and was treated to a steak dinner at Manhattan restaurant Sardi's. After her dinner, she was expected to make a visit to the Empire State Building.

Sky's win could open up more opportunities for the little dog in the near future. Some Westminster winners become famous and appear on television commercials and in television shows. Sky doesn't seem to be afraid of the spotlight and will hopefully enjoy her newfound fame and maybe a few doggy treats as well.

Which dog was your favorite at the Westminster show and what do you think of Sky?

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