Winsor McCay Comic Little Nemo Celebrated with a Google Doodle

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Today, Google is treating us to a fantastic Doodle celebrating the 107th anniversary of famous American cartoonist Winsor McCay and his strip Little Nemo in Slumberland.

McCay was born in 1869 (although this date is debated) in Spring Lake, Michigan. His career as a cartoonist and animator produced work that's been said to have influenced other high-profile minds in the field like Walt Disney. He's probably best known for 1914's Gertie the Dinosaur cartoon and the aforementioned Little Nemo strip.

Today, that's what Google's celebrating; the official launch day of the Little Nemo in Slumberland comic - October 15th, 1905. Nemo ran in two separate newspapers, the New York Herald and New York American until 1914. There was a short-lived return to print for Nemo in 1924. The official end date for the strip was 1927.

This time, we find Little Nemo in Google-land. The expansive doodle shows Nemo as he plunges through areas filled with the Google letters. The Doodle requires some user participation, as they are asked to click a tab in order to see Nemo continue his journey.

Head on over to the Google homepage to check out the Doodle or you can watch it play out below:

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