Winslet's Husband Fights Tabloids Over Photos

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Kate Winslet is a newlywed, and her groom is having a rocky start to the New Year after discovering that a tabloid publication wants to publish photos of him at a raucous party.

Apparently the "outrageous" party was costume-only, so one has to wonder what Ned Rocknroll wants to keep hidden from the public. For now, he's taken The Sun to court in an effort to stop the photos from getting exposure. The pics were reportedly taken way back in 2010, before he was thrust into the spotlight with his new megastar wife.

Rocknroll's lawyer, David Sherborne, says the photos include his client in various stages of undress as a "schoolboy" but says that going to the courts is not in an effort to hide anything, but rather to keep a modicum of privacy.

Rocknroll--who also happens to be the nephew of Virgin mogul Richard Branson--married Winslet in a very quiet ceremony last month; the couple reportedly didn't even tell their own family about the nuptials until the moment arrived.

Image: Kin Cheung

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