Winona Ryder Makes Her Way To ‘Supernatural’ Netflix Series

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The 43-year-old actress Winona Ryder will soon make her Netflix debut. Coming 2016, Ryder will be starring in an untitled supernatural series.

Variety has confirmed that Ryder will star as a regular cast member in the mystery series. This will mark Ryder’s very first regular role on TV.

Ryder has briefly dabbled in television over the past few years. She has been a guest on TV shows such as Friends, Drunk History and Strangers with Candy. However, she is best known for starring in movies like Beetlejuice, Girl Interrupted, Heathers and Mermaids. 

The eight one-hour episode series was previously titled Montauk. The show is set in the 80’s in a Long Island beach town where Ryder will be playing the mother of a two-year-old boy who vanishes without a trace. Though details are limited, top-secret government experiments and a creepy girl are involved.

Ryder will play the character of Joyce who will endure great adversity to rescue her son from supernatural forces.

TV Wise says Joyce will unexpectedly find “a strength she never knew she had in the wake of her son’s disappearance.”

EW confirmed that Ryder will be joined by State of Affairs and The Newsroom alum David Harbour. Harbour will be cast as the town’s police chief.

Shawn Levy and Dan Cohen will executive produce the series. The Wayward Pines creators Matt and Ross Duffer have written and will direct the series so viewers can expect vibes similar to X-Files.

According to a statement released by Netflix’s vice president Cindy Holland, the Duffer brothers were assigned to work on the series since they have something unique to offer for the show.

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