Winklevoss Twins Use Bitcoins To Go To Space

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While others are busily speculating as to whether or not recent scandals, including multi-million dollar theft and even murder, will help spell the end for Bitcoins....these guys just used theirs to buy tickets to space.

Clearly the Winklevoss Twins aren't bothered about the fluctuating value of Bitcoins. The money spent is thought to be a mere drop in the bucket, with the brothers rumored to have a "huge stash" of the virtual currency.

The two Virgin Galactic tickets, worth a whopping $250,000 each, allow the pair to book spots on British billionaire Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic SpaceShipTwo for a suborbital trip into space.

The brothers are considered early backers of the Bitcoin, and despite the doubts as to the possibility of the currency to achieve some form of stability, they seem confident that the Bitcoin has huge and permanent potential.

Supporters of the Bitcoin meanwhile are likely grateful for the positive publicity not heard since someone bought a $100,000 car.

It does indeed feel like this could partially be a publicity stunt, at least based on what twin Tyler Winklevoss wrote on their blog about their upcoming space trip—and using Bitcoins to pay for it.

Cameron and I have decided to use our Bitcoin to take the plunge, or rather propulsion, into space. Why? Because Bitcoin and Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic are two technologies that meaningfully represent our focus at Winklevoss Capital -- the reduction of pain-points and friction in an effort to build a better world.

The twins have good reason to be excited about their space trip. In addition to having a view of the Earth that a minuscule amount of the population will ever see, they will be enjoying the enviable glimpse along with the likes of Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Lady Gaga, and Leonardo DiCaprio.

As for the Bitcoin, the twins have launched their own price index for the currency. If they're lucky, the coin will continue to grow in value, allowing them to spend digital coins on similarly high priced adventures in the future.

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