Wine Glasses: Be Classy And Nerdy This Christmas

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Wine glasses are no longer a status symbol. Everybody and their mother can enjoy wine these days, including nerds. If you have a nerdy wine lover in your family, you might want to check out a few of these gift ideas.

Over at Etsy, there's a wide range of creators making custom wine glasses based on various nerd properties, like Dr. Who, Harry Potter and Peanuts. Like all things on Etsy, these products are also cheaper than what you would have paid if the companies that own these IPs actually made wine glasses themselves.

Starting out, the Dr. Who fan in your family will probably love these police box wine glasses. While the product page says they're made for weddings, it's also appropriate for the married nerd couple who happen to be Dr. Who fans. The blue glasses are etched with an image of the police box while the stem remains clear. The glasses are sold as a pair so you'll end up paying $56 for the set, but it's worth it, right?

Wine Glasses

If you're more of a Marvel fan, these Marvel comics wine glasses may be the thing for you. The base of the glass is printed with the faces of various Marvel heroes. They're also much cheaper with a set of glasses only costing $16.

Wine Glasses

The coolest wine glass you'll ever buy a nerd this Christmas has to be this D20 wine glass. The single glass is etched with the almighty D20 that will decide all our fates. It costs $12, but the joy it will bring the role-playing fan in your life is priceless.

Wine Glasses

For more ideas, be sure to check out the nerdy wine glasses page at Etsy.

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