Windows Store Now Open For All Developers

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One of the big selling points of Windows 8 is that it's adding something similar to Apple's App Store in the form of the, you guessed it, Windows Store. It will feature all the apps and games that people have built for Windows 8 in one easy to find place. That very store has some developers crying foul, but most seem to like the idea of a centralized location to find Windows software.

Developers who want to launch with a Windows 8 app can now start submitting as Microsoft has opened the Windows Store to all. It was previously available to a select few developers who were pushing content through the Windows Store to people who were using the consumer previews. The apps submitted to the Windows Store today and after will be up by the launch of Windows 8 on October 26.

As part of the announcement, Microsoft is also opening the Windows Store up to 82 additional markets. After this latest addition, the Windows Store will be available in 120 markets at launch. They encourage developers from these new markets to start submitting apps for their local users.

Developers who are already members of the Microsoft Developer Network will receive a free one year Windows Store developer account. Students who are interested in developing for Windows 8 can also get a free account by signing up for DreamSpark. BizSpark, Microsoft's development program for businesses, will also receive the same perk.

People who aren't yet signed up for a developer account can do so now. It costs $49 for an individual and $99 for a company. Windows 8 might take off so it's in a developer's best interests to get their product on as many platforms as possible.