Windows Phone 8 Smartphones Launch Starting this Weekend

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Microsoft's big Windows Phone 8 event wrapped up today with Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer taking the stage to announce all of the new Windows Phone 8 devices and when they will launch.

"We wanted to build a phone that would be personal for each of us," said Ballmer. To that end, he showed off a variety of Windows Phone 8 smartphones from HTC, Nokia, and Samsung.

He began by showing off Nokia's flagship Windows Phone 8 device, the Lumia 920. Ballmer was present at an announcement earlier this year when Nokia announced its new lineup of Lumia smartphones. The Samsung ATIV S came next, then the HTC Windows Phone 8X.

Ballmer then announced that these phones, and others, will begin launching starting this weekend. In the U.S., three of the major wireless carriers will be carrying windows phone, with Sprint the major carrier that wasn't mentioned at the event.

On Verizon, customers will be offered the HTC Windows Phone 8x 16GB model for $199 and the Nokia Lumia 822 for $49. Those phones will be available "by Thanksgiving" and the Samsung ATIV Odyssey will be available through Verizon sometime in December.

T-Mobile customers will also be offered the $149 HTC Windows Phone 8x 16GB model, as well as a $99 Nokia Lumia 810. Those phones will be offered starting November 14.

AT&T customers will, perhaps, have the best options. That carrier get the Nokia Lumia 920 as an exclusive, and also offers the Lumia 820 and HTC Windows phone 8x. These phones will be available sometime in November.

In addition to being sold through carriers, Microsoft Stores will carry every Windows Phone 8 smartphone available in the U.S., and all color options for these devices will be available through the online Microsoft Store.