Windows Phone 8: Nokia Caught Faking PureView Camera Ad

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Windows Phone 8 is looking pretty great right now. Microsoft and Nokia really hit it out of the park on Wednesday morning when they announced the Nokia Lumia 920. One of the cooler announcements from the presser was that the Lumia 920 would feature an updated PureView camera for gorgeous pictures and video. It's a shame that Nokia had to ruin such an exciting announcement with a faked ad.

During its presentation, Nokia showed the following ad to show off the image stabilization that the PureView camera makes possible. The technology is used to prevent the dreaded shaky cam from showing up in shot video or pictures.

Pretty impressive, no? Too bad a random reflection ruined the illusion. As you can see in the image below, there's a full camera crew with high quality recording equipment reflected in the trailer's window.

Windows Phone 8 Faked Nokia Ad

After being caught, Nokia issued an apology. They said in a blog post that the video was only meant to simulate what image stabilization is capable of. They also released a new video that shows what image stabilization really looks like. It's still impressive, but not as impressive as the original video would have you believe.

In short, the Nokia Lumia 920 is looking to be a pretty amazing phone. The camera ad may have been faked, but it should still prove to be more than capable when shooting in shaky or low-light conditions. We'll find out just how truly wonderful the Lumia 920 is this holiday season when Windows Phone 8 launches.

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