Windows Phone 8 Gets Panorama Shots With Photosynth

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Those who bought a Lumia 920 as their inaugural Windows Phone 8 may have done so for its reportedly fantastic camera. There's now an app for the device that will make your photos even better.

Photosynth, Microsoft's popular panorama photo app that took off on iOS, has made the jump to Windows Phone 8.

Photosynth can capture full 360 degree environments and it doesn't even have to take separate pictures before filing it all in. Just move the phone around you and let it fill in all the details.

Those who have Photosynth on iOS, and have since moved to Windows Phone 8 will be pleased to see that the app features a few enhancements on Microsoft's mobile platform:

  • Camera lens integration – Quickly capture and view panoramas by launching Photosynth directly from the built-in camera app
  • View shared panoramas – View panoramas shared with you via email, Facebook, or Twitter directly on your mobile device
  • More camera controls – Adjust for various lighting conditions by using new exposure and white balance locking options
  • General improvements – Enjoy an even more delightful app experience with various bug and stability fixes
  • Windows Phone 8 users can grab Photosynth here for free.