Windows 8 Gets An All New Skype Experience

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Windows 8 is making software developers rethink how their applications look and feel. That is doubly true for Skype as they had to create a completely new interface for Windows 8 while appeasing their new overlords at Microsoft. The results are looking pretty nice.

Skype took time out today to show off the work they've done on the new Windows 8 version of the communications software. The company says that Skype for Windows 8 had the company "focused on how people are using Skype today, and reimagined Skype for everyday communications across our global community." In short, Skype for Windows 8 "is simple, fast and beautiful." To illustrate that point, here's a short preview of the new application:

Like most ads involving Windows 8, Skype has only shown how the application will work on tablets. Desktop users can still use the regular Skype application, but what about the specific Windows 8 user interface? The company says that Skype will run in the background even as users leave for the desktop portion of Windows 8. It will alert users whenever a new call or instant message is received regardless of the application being used at the moment.

One of the more interesting aspects of the Windows 8 version of Skype is a new side-by-side interface. With this, users can have a Skype conversation while using another app. It could be particularly useful when collaborating on a project that involves multiple apps.

Windows 8 Skype

The team at Skype is also working on integrating Skype into the people app of Windows 8. The People app contains all of your contacts across various social networks including Skype. Each contact will have a call button beside their profile so you can easily contact them via Skype from within the People app.

Windows 8 Skype

Skype for Windows 8 will be available on October 26 alongside the launch of Windows 8. It will be available exclusively via the Windows Store.