Windows App Store: Are The Screenshots Legit?

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Several screenshots have begun to float around promising to be the first glimpse of the Windows 8 app store. Though the screeshots appear to be running in Windows 7, which some have speculated that they're prepping legacy versions of Windows, while others are calling foul.

Do you think these screenshots are the real deal? Let us know what you think

The Windows App Store, as it's being called, features Microsoft Software, along with third party software including Firefox, Angry Birds, and Opera to name a few. Personally, it seems a bit odd that Microsoft would want to promote their competitors on their app store home screen. Does anyone else find this a bit odd?

The images were first noticed on Cnbeta, but the legitimacy of the images have have yet to be confirmed. With that in mind, some people have begun laying our reasons why these are clearly fakes.

Some of the reasons they give are…

  • Won't be available for Windows 7
  • Can't use the App Store name, as it is trademarked by Apple
  • Microsoft wouldn't abandon the Marketplace for an App Store

It also looks like the screenshots first showed on the Neowin forums back in January, which would seem to definitely make them fakes. Take a look for yourself, and draw your own conclusions.

Well, now that you've seen the screenshots, what are your thoughts? Real or Fake: leave a comment with your answer

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