William Shatner, Wil Wheaton Tout NASA Accomplishments

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Though the budget for NASA has been declining since the early 90s, the discoveries and technological advances coming out of the agency continue to stimulate the economy and improve the lives of all Americans. This makes NASA arguably the best investment the U.S. government makes, and the agency has recruited some sci-fi legends to make the case for space exploration.

William Shatner, Wil Wheaton, and June Lockhart have each starred in a new public service announcement touting a few of NASA's accomplishments that have changed life on Earth for the better.

Shatner, best-known as Captain James T. Kirk of the USS Enterprise on the TV show Star Trek, discusses the medical advances that have come from NASA research, including remote ultrasounds, robot-assisted surgery, and thermometer pills.

Wheaton is well-known as Wesley Crusher (the boy) on the TV series Star Trek: The Next Generation. His PSA focuses on life-saving technologies developed by NASA that have improved safety in a variety of industries. Examples include rocket-powered parachutes, life rafts, and personal locator GPS beacons.

Lockhart, known for, among other things, her role as Maureen Robinson on the TV show Lost in Space, chimes in with her PSA on the NASA-developed clean water technology that is used around the world.

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