William Shatner Confirms Offer to Return to Upcoming Star Trek Film

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Let every voice lift up. William Shatner may be coming back to Star Trek on the big screen after all!

After the rumor mill ground heavily last week about the possibility that William Shatner might be called upon to play Kirk once again in the upcoming Star Trek 3 installment, those rumors were doused by Shatner himself on his Twitter account. He said that the whispers were nothing but “rhetoric to cause hype”.

Add to that the fact that those rumors put him somehow alongside Leonard Nimoy, but Nimoy denied wanting to do any onscreen time after his lung disease diagnosis, and things looked grim.

But that tune seems to be changing.

Shatner appeared on a panel at Wizard World Nashville Comic-Con over the weekend. and this time he confirmed that he had indeed been contacted by J.J. Abrams about appearing in the film. Shatner said that he had answered that, “It depends on what you do with the character, but I would be delighted.”

But wait, there’s more.

According to Badass Digest, there may even be some details about what Shatner will be called upon to do, and it does indeed involve Nimoy.

"My sources are now telling me that not only will Shatner be in the movie, his scene will have him meeting Chris Pine. Also in that scene: Zachary Quinto and Leonard Nimoy. But if my sources are steering me correct this won't be original timeline Spock - it'll be future alt-timeline Kirk and Spock. Basically the scene will have Kirk and Spock interacting with their future selves.”

So far, no confirmation on these details is forthcoming from the Abrams camp. But Badass Digest did reveal two weeks ago that Shatner was to be involved at all. And that turns out to be correct.

Fingers crossed.

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