Will Google Offer A 'Brain Interface' Within The Next Ten Years?

Chris CrumIT Management

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Google put out a new Webmaster Help video today, though this one doesn't really do much to help webmasters. It's simply Matt Cutt responding to the question: Where do you see Google search 10 years down the road?

An interesting topic, for sure.

As Cutts notes, that's a long time. In Internet years that's a really, really long time. I can't imagine how even Cutts could possibly know what Google will be like that far into the future. It sounds, however, like a lot of current Google projects like Google Glass and Google Now are involved.

One interesting (if not scary) concept Cutts mentions is a brain interface.

"In theory there could be a brain interface so you could be having a dialogue where some of it is audible and some of it is not," he contemplates.

I think that hovers somewhere around that "creepy line" that Microsoft likes to keep talking about (and even illustrating). Former Google CEO (and current Executive Chairman) Eric Schmidt said a few years ago that brain implants would cross the creepy line. The part about the creepy line was used as a sound byte in Microsoft's "Scroogled" campaign about Gmail, even though Schmidt was talking about brain implants.

I smell a Scroogled resurrection.

Chris Crum
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