Will Camouflaj's iOS Game 'Republique' Be Made?


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Former Halo 4 creative director turned gaming entrepreneur Ryan Payton is taking on a huge challenge with his upcoming project Republique. After leaving Microsoft, Payton created the development company Camouflaj, and is now turning to KickStarter to help fund his first project.

The idea is simple. Will gamers pay higher prices for a "full scale" legitimate game for iOS, a platform that is typically reserved for 2D platformers, puzzle games, and games that don't use a lot computing power?

That is the plan with Republique, an action/stealth/paranoid fiction game in which you control a network of cameras, lights and electronic security measures to keep the main character (Hope) safe from a dystopian overlord.

Payton describes his concept in the trailer: "From the very beginning we set out to design a game and write a story specifically for mobile devices, because last year i decided that i was going to stop complaining about the lack of real games on mobile and start making one."

Camouflaj has teamed up with Logan on the project and features industry veterans from such projects as Metal Gear Solid, Halo, F.E.A.R., and Kinect.

The concept is pretty interesting, fitting perfectly with the iOS platform. Rather than controlling the main character like a puppet, the way you would with most games, you witness Hope's story and participate in her survival. In the game, you are Big Brother, controlling elevators, tapping phone calls, and closing doors on Hope's pursuers. What better platform than an iPhone for this type of game? The iPhone is already a personal device; bringing a personal, engaging story to the device will win a lot of people over.

Pledges of $10 on KickStarter will get you the game when it's scheduled to come out next summer. $1,000 will get your name integrated into the story and fiction. $5,000 will get your likeness in the game world.