Wifi-Blocking Wallpaper To Go On Market In 2013

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Have you ever wanted to block somebody else's WiFi out of your living space? Coming soon in 2013, that dream will become reality. To achieve blocking out all outside WiFi signals, a new wallpaper will be unveiled that you can use. This wifi-blocking wallpaper has been made possible through a collaboration of scientists from the "institut polytechnique Grenoble INP" and the "Centre Technique du Papier".

The wifi-blocking wallpaper looks like any wallpaper that you can pick up at a local store; however, beneath its pattern (snowflakes) is copper lining that helps to keep wifi signals on one side of the material. If you are not happy with the snowflake pattern, you can add/layer your own preference of wallpaper over the top of it.

Benefits of utilizing this wifi-blocking wallpaper have been provided below.

  • This wallpaper will be extremely useful in places like hospitals, where wifi signals could be harmful to the other equipment around the hospital.
  • Prevents hackers and wardrivers from accessing your network outside your living space.
  • If you live in an apartment community, only your network will be listed rather than everybody else's as well.

An evident downside to the wifi-blocking wallpaper is that it will not block the signal flowing through windows and doors.

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