Wife Killed Over HIV Fear by Arizona Man


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A man from Goodyear, Arizona has admitted to stabbing and killing both his wife and 27-year-old son.

According to a report from Phoenix CBS station CBS 5, 62-year-old Eugene 'Gino' Maraventano used a 14-inch kitchen knife to stab his wife while she slept. He then knocked on his son's bedroom door and sliced his son's throat when he answered the door. He called 911 four days after murdering his family and admitted to the crime.

Maraventano told police that he had been planning to kill his wife and then commit suicide. He stated that he tried slicing his wrists and taping a plastic bag around his head, but failed in his suicide attempts.

Maraventano's wife, Janet, had been sick and tests for cancer had recently come back negative. The man told police he was afraid that he had given his wife a sexually transmitted infection, such as HIV, through his contact with prostitutes.

As for murdering his son, Maraventano told police that he didn't think his son, who was unemployed, could get by on his own.


(Image courtesy Maricopa County Sheriff's Office)