Wi-Fi Only - Hold The Apples Please!

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In a recent poll of prospective tablet buyers a significant percentage of respondents, over 18%, said they planned on buying a tablet not manufactured by Apple. This is surprising given the buzz around the New iPad, and the $100 price cut on iPad 2.

I am sure cost could be a factor in this decision. There's some great stuff coming out from other manufacturers recently, and even more slated to be released sometime this year. Amazon and Asus are coming out with a competitor for the Kindle Fire, Amazon has plans to release a couple of new tablets, and Sony just released a tablet which features dual screens. So there are some viable options out there with more on the way. In fact, the Sony dual screen is selling for $399 if you get a data plan, which makes it the same price as the iPad 2 factoring in the recent price drop.

From the same poll mentioned above comes another interesting figure. Over 60% of new iPad buyers say they'll be forgoing the available 3G/4G connection in favor of the wi-fi only models. Very interesting! Makes good economic sense though, especially considering the price of data plans and the increased availability of wi-fi networks. This is something to consider if your contemplating an iPad.

When I first purchased a laptop, I thought I would take it everywhere, but I soon realized I didn't need it everywhere, just at home and in the office. I know it's a different animal, but it is something to consider before spending any extra money, especially if you already have a smartphone. Regardless, the wi-fi only model is a cost saver and they seem to be growing in popularity.

The technology just keeps getting better and the costs just get more friendly, especially if you don't need the latest and greatest. I am curious what readers already have, smart phones, tablets, ect., and what are they planning on buying? I can't believe how affordable some of this technology has become.

The economy is still struggling and it's obvious people aren't hesitant to sacrifice on technology, but we're all finding ways to cut corners here and there and non-Apple and no data plans are certainly viable solutions. Get the gadgets skip the frills.

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