Why Didn't RIM Show This BlackBerry 10 Promo Video?

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RIM's big BlackBerry developers event has come and gone. We know a few of the new features coming in BlackBerry 10, but we only saw what RIM wanted us to see. What about other features that may have been overlooked, or how RIM is going to market the phone to a wider audience?

A recently leaked marketing video obtained by Slashgear shows just that as the BlackBerry 10 is poised as being a phone for creation. The ad says that they will put the BlackBerry 10 into the hands of 10 people who will have one day to create something unique with the device. They even suggest that celebrities like Lady Gaga and J.K. Rowling create new songs and short stories using only RIM's wonder device.

Check out the ad below:

I was rather dismissive of BlackBerry 10 when RIM showed off its first features earlier this week. Their public display of affection for developers didn't help much either. That's why it's all the more confusing as to why RIM didn't show this ad, or at least something similar. It does a way better job of selling BlackBerry 10 than RIM's own light-on-details videos.

On a side note, it should be noted that the video also gives us our first look at the BlackBerry 10 N series. We knew that it was going to feature the QWERTY keyboard of its predecessors, but we were still unsure of the exact shape it would take. I sure hope the video is real because the BlackBerry N series is looking really good. The true strength of BlackBerry has always lied in their fantastic QWERTY handsets, and the N series seems to continue that fine tradition.

We'll undoubtedly be able to confirm the authenticity of the video and more as we approach the launch of BlackBerry 10 in January. BlackBerry Jam Asia will be going down in November as well. We may learn more at that time.

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