Why Did Jenelle Evans Get Pinned Against A Toilet? Nathan Griffith Arrested For Domestic Abuse

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On March 4, Nathan Griffith was arrested on domestic abuse charges after an altercation with Teen Mom star, Jenelle Evans. The incident happened shortly after Evans skipped a court custody case that would determine whether she would regain custody of her oldest son, Jace. A source for Us Weekly says that Evans postponed the case in order to attend couple’s counseling with Griffith. However, it all turned badly after they got into it over undisclosed reasons.

According to a police report from the local police department, Jenelle Evans had been staying in a hotel. When she returned to the home she was sharing with Griffith to grab some things she needed for school, they got into a huge fight. Griffith allegedly asked for Evans to give back her engagement ring. According to the report, Evans went to the master bathroom and sat on the toilet. Griffith followed her into the room and allegedly pinned her against the toilet before he forcibly removed the engagement ring off her finger, leaving a cut on her pinky. Evans told police that after he got the ring, Griffith took the keys to the couple’s car and tried to leave the scene.

Griffith told police that he never touched Evans and that she was the one who took off the engagement ring and threw it at him. He also told police that Evans was the violent one in the relationship, and he showed some scars on his back from a previous altercation with Evans.

According to reports, an MTV crew was there when the incident took place. However, they were locked outside the house the entire time. The crew told police that they never saw what transpired, but they heard the couple screaming and yelling inside.

This is not the first time that Evans has been involved in a domestic dispute. She previously filed an assault charge against her ex-husband, Courtland Rogers.

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