Who’s Got The Buzz: Yahoo or Google?

UPDATE: Google's Victoria Katsarou tells WebProNews... &quo...
Who’s Got The Buzz: Yahoo or Google?
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  • UPDATE: Google’s Victoria Katsarou tells WebProNews…

    "We chose the name Buzz because of the word’s connotations of activity, conversations, sharing of information… Buzz’ is not a trademarked term."

    For further details, read the full article: Google: "Buzz" Is Not a Trademarked Term

    ORIGINIAL ARTICLE: Recently, Google officially announced their latest product, Google Buzz, during a live press event. If you’re not familiar with Google Buzz, it’s a way to share updates, photos, videos, and more. (You can read an extensive writeup of Google Buzz here).

    Google Buzz

    Wait a minute; doesn’t the name Buzz sound familiar? Well, there’s a good reason for that. Let me re-introduce you to Yahoo! Buzz.

    Yahoo! Buzz

    Should Google have picked a different name for their service? Share your thoughts.

    For those of you who don’t know what Yahoo! Buzz is, or for those of you who forgot it even existed, it’s a Digg-esque social bookmarking service that launched back in 2008.

    The first thing that came to this writers mind was, “how can two rivals in the search industry each have a product with the same name?” Granted, they’re two separate services, but both reside in the social media realm.

    Another thing that should be noted is the Yahoo! Buzz logo features a trademark. That trademark only applies apparently to the the word Yahoo, not "Yahoo Buzz". 

    What do you think will happen between Google & Yahoo? Tell us what you think.

    UPDATE: Looks like Yahoo! finally caught wind of Google Buzz, they recently tweeted the following…


    Yahoo! Buzz tweet



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