Who Do NBA Players Follow On Twitter?

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Why, porn stars and big booty models, of course. What did you expect? For them to actually follow fans? To quote the Internet, "LOL. Yeah, right." Armed with the knowledge that the NBA season could very well end tonight, the folks at Buzzfeed decided it would be good to turn their spotlight onto Twitter to see who some of your favorite NBA players follow. Because I covered something similar to this a few years ago, I'm not at all surprised, but for those of you who don't know, you might be surprised to find these "role models" your kids look up to are no more mature than most 20-something men out there.

They just have a lot more money and are more apt to be followed back by whatever model they follow, thanks to their celebrity status.

It should come as no surprise that NBA players and porn stars are of the same ilk. Consider the #TeamBJNBA movement that's currently underway, helmed by porn stars Sara Jay and Angelina Castro. If the Heat win the title, both ladies have promised to orally pleasure their followers. Hell, they even have a video to promote the thing:

While that's not something I'd sign up for, you can tell by the YouTube comments a lot of people will be waiting, zipper in hand, if the Heat close out the Thunder tonight.

Anyway, seeing how Sara Jay has been front and center for much of this NBA/porn industry crossover, it would only make sense if her Twitter account was followed by some NBA players, and they didn't disappoint:


If you can't see, the NBA players she's followed by includes 2012 Rookie of the Year, Kyrie Irving, Amir Johnson, and Sherron Collins. As for Collins, considering he's went to Kansas to play his college ball, it shouldn't be too surprising he has a thing for porn stars. Just ask Samantha Ryan about that.

Moving on, Buzzfeed was good enough to screencap a few more Twitter accounts of both porn stars and big booty models, all to see which NBA players like reading their tweets. Here are a few more, starting with Sophie Dee:


Our next contestant is someone named Tracy Rosentreter. If you Google her, you won't find much, but if you Google her pseudonym--Paris Vixen--you'll find out why NBA players are fans of her style. Among her followers is Kevin Durant, meaning Rosentreter is one of the winners of this particular competition:


Over at Buzzfeed, there's a lot more where that came from. Of course, in today's day and age, professional athletes/celebrities following porn stars and big booty models is inconsequential, but if you were to ask someone from the old guard, they'd probably be mortified. Ch-ch-ch-changes, indeed.

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