Whitney Houston: Suicide Is Not The Cause?


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Whitney Houston's brother-in-law, Billy Watson told ABCNews.com today that:

"Oh, no, this is accidental,"

"She wouldn't have left her daughter like that. She wouldn't have done that to her daughter."

This comes after Houston was found unconscious in the bathtub on saturday at her Beverly Hills hotel. Because alcohol and prescription drugs were involved, some speculate that Houston may have intentionally done herself in.

Kelly Price, a recent grammy nominee, spent time with Houston on thursday and spoke about Whitney's mood on the evening and her overall character at the time:

"...[she] didn't look like she was under the influence of anything. She drank some champagne and toasted Kelly Price's three Grammy nominations Thursday night. That's what Whitney Houston did."

"We laughed and we joked and we cracked up, and we danced and sang,"

To further attest to Whitney's mood around the time of death is her mother, Cissy Houston, who spoke with her just 30 minutes before she was found dead. Sources report that they spoke about attending the Clive Davis pre-grammy party and that her daughter seemed fine, with nothing out of the ordinary.

Whitney's cousin, Dionne Warwick also spoke to her on the day of the incident and claims that everything seemed normal. Though it appears that the death was an accident LA County Police are still carrying out a full investigation of the events and behaviors surrounding her death. I will keep you updated as more information becomes available.