Whitney Bischoff: Are She and Chris Soules Done?

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Whitney Bischoff has been noticeably absent from Dancing With the Stars for the past couple of weeks, causing many to speculate that she and Chris Soules have called it quits. If things are okay between the two, then why hasn't she been there to support Chris's DWTS endeavors?

Fox News reports that things are supposedly fine between the two--even though Chris Soules's mom--and not his fiancee--led his cheering section during this week's taping of Dancing With the Stars.

The sexy farmer informed Fox of the real reason Whitney Bischoff has been away.

“She’s actually with family today. It’s actually the anniversary of her mom’s death,” he said.

Fans of The Bachelor might remember when Whitney Bischoff told Chris Soules that her mom had died ten years ago after suffering a blood clot during a routine medical procedure.

“It was tough. I thought about her all week [because] she was going to be feeling those emotions again," Chris Soules said.

Following his performance this week, Soules talked more about Whitney Bischoff and their relationship.

“She’s able to kind of live. I’m kind of focused on trying to get the mirror ball,” he said. “I have her in the evenings, we talk about the day and she’s my number one fan. I know she’s there for me and when all this is over, it will be nice to just be together.”

He also added that he hasn't paid much attention to social media rumors saying the two have split up.

“We’ve never been big social media people,” Soules said. “A lot of people are like, why aren’t they posting pictures? It’s not really who we are as a couple. We’re together and we’re in love and we’re handling this like two adults. She’s got a life, too. She’s got a job and she’s got a career and she’s doing that. She’s gotta do what makes her happy and I’m focused on [DWTS] and having a great time and she’s happy for me."

“We’re making the best of a really cool situation that we’re both a part of that’s not going to last much longer. I think that people pay way too much attention to other people’s lives. We’re just normal people and living a kind of abnormal life for a couple more weeks,” he added.

Do you believe Chris Soules? Or is he trying to save face while still appearing on Dancing With the Stars? Do you think Whitney Bischoff was away solely to be with family on the anniversary of her mom's death--or is there a bit more to their story?

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