White House Hosting Google+ Hangout For Startup America

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The White House is really getting some mileage out of Google+ Hangouts lately. First they hosted that Hangout with President Obama earlier this week in which he answered questions submitted by people via YouTube and tomorrow they're using Hangouts once again to promote Obama's small business initiative, Startup America.

Announced earlier today via the White House Google+ account, people are invited to join Gene Sperling (Director of the National Economic Council), Steve Case (Chairman of the Startup America Partnership), and Aneesh Chopra (U.S. Chief Technology Office) tomorrow for a live conversation about Startup America. People are encouraged to submit questions via the White House Google+ page and then join the Hangout on Thursday, February 2 (that's tomorrow!) at 5:30PM EST on either the White House's official YouTube channel, the White House's website, or the White House Google+ page. The three partipants will be talking about some of the questions posed by users and how Startup America can enable small businesses.

Steve Case has actually worked with President Obama to draft the legislature for Startup America and just released a statement yesterday extolling Obama's commitment to small businesses. One reason you might be hearing the Obama Administration promote Startup America lately is because yesterday marked the one year anniversary since the initiative started. However, if you're still not an initiate to this whole Startup America program, check out these videos below in which Case talks about his early days at AOL as well as some testimonials from small business entrepreneurs.