White And Nerdy Takes On A Whole New Meaning With Google Glass

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Glasses are totally sexy, but that used to not be the case. Glasses used to be an indicator that somebody was a nerd. If you wore glasses, you probably played Dungeons and Dragons late into the night while stuffing your face with Doritos. Now thanks to Google Glass, all the pasty white guys can be identified as nerds using only eye wear once again.

A new tumblr popped up recently called "White men wearing Google Glass." Turns out the title is incredibly descriptive because that's what you get. Here are some of the standouts:

White and nerdy google glass

white and nerdy google glass

white and nerdy google glass

The most popular image by far is the one below of Robert Scoble testing Google Glass' water resistance.

white and nerdy google glass

It is waterproof to an extent, but Google itself says not to go scuba diving with Glass on.

[h/t: Mashable]